Our Group

The Group works principally within the area of the Hull Valley, East Yorkshire (see 'Our area' page).
The main objectives of the Group are to;
  • Preserve, protect and improve the natural history in our area
  • Record the flora and fauna within
  • Educate Group members and the public with regards to the natural history of the area.

The Groups main base is at Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Watton, where there is a members hut.

Many of the Groups members volunteer for activities within the reserve, carrying out essential work such as habitat management. We also have volunteer wardens who help out on site as and when required

The Group has monthly committee meetings, which Group members are welcome to attend. The committee is formed as follows;
Peter Drury
John Hirschfield
Treasurer & Membership Secretary
Barry Warrington (Co-opted)
Elected Members
Eric Clubley
Richard Sears
Peter Izzard
Derrick Venus (website editor)